Minos Argyrakis
Smyrna, 1920 – Athens, 26 May 1998

Minos Argyrakis was a Greek painter, cartoonist and designer of theater.

Invitation card design for a dance evening at the “Greek Choreodrama”

Drawing. 1956.

Kavala, 1882 or 1884 – Athens, 1963
Umberto S.. Argyros was a Greek painter, one of the most late representatives of the “Munich School”.

Female dancer.
Painting. 1930 approx. Postcard

Lily Arlioti

born 1910

Rhythm (Rythmos). Painting oil on canvas

                                                                   1930 approximately. 160×90 cm

Aghinor Asteriadis

Aghinor Asteriadis  was a Greek painter and engraver of the “Thirties Generation”.

Men of 21 (Anthropoi tou 21)
Print woodcut. 1965. 39×37.5 cm

Dimitrios Biskinis

Greek, born circa 1891-1947

Salome 1930
Painting.oil on canvas approximately 62x45cm

Giorgos Bouzianis  
November 8, 1885 – October 22, 1959

Giorgos Bouzianis was a major Greek expressionist painter.

Dancers (Choreftries)

Painting, oil on canvas. 1936. 140 x 119 cm.


The Zervos dance (Ζερβός χορός)
Painting 1986.

The Arkistis dance
Painting 1986.

Dance in Karpathos (Χορός στην Κάρπαθο)
Painting 1986.

Dance in Karpathos (Χορός στην Κάρπαθο)
Painting 1986

Two men in the Arkistis dance

Painting 1986   

K. Chassioti
Greek dances and folk songs for singing, piano,violin or mandoline   (Balos dance)

Print/lithograph 1930
approximately   31.8 x 22.5 cm

Phocion Dimitriadis  

Perhaps the most famous Greek cartoonist and caricaturist of the 20th century

Isadora Duncan dancing in Syntagma Square, Athens, while her brother Raymond watches.
Drawing 1914.

 Spyroska Markezinova dancing “”Swan lake”” in front Nikita Khrustsev

Drawing, sketch  1959.     

George Economidis

Frosso Efthymiadi 

Dancer Sculpture

Nikos Engonopoulos

October 21, 1907 – October 31, 1985

He was a modern Greek painter and poet. He is one of the most important members of “Generation of the ’30s“,as well as a major representative of the surrealist movement in Greece.

Alekos Fassianos

born in 1935

Renowned Greek painter.

Fassianos    The dancer (I choreftria)    Η χορεύτρια  
 Painting        1985   

George Ferentinos

Painting 1995

Catherina Fildissakou

The dance .
Drawing 1977

Yannis Gaitis

Nicholas Georgiadis


Loukas  Geralis
Greek, 1875-1958

Celebration under trees Διασκέδαση κάτω από τα δέντρα       
Painting, oil on board   1920    approximately   31 x 40 cm

Angelos Giallinas

Villagers of Corfu dancing (Paysans de Corfou dansant)  Χωρικοί της Κέρκυρας χορεύοντες    
Painting, postcard

Giorgis Gliatas

Greek dance
Drawing 1930

Constantin  Grammatopoulos

Nicolas Gysis
1 March 1842 – 4 January 1901
One of Greece‘s most important 19th-century painters


Nicos Hadjikyriakos-Ghikas

Nikos Hadjikyriakos-Ghikas  was a leading Greek painter, sculptor, engraver, writer and academic.

Theophilos   Hadjimichail

Kementse Kamenidi  


Player and grandfather watching a boy dancing a Pontic dance  

Painting 1990.  


Dancing couple
Print, engraving, copper

Michael  Kashalos


Aristomenis Katsoulas

Dance  Χορός αριθ.


Painting, acrylic on carton 157 x 92 cm

Costas  Klouvatos

Sketch for a relief for a monument to be erected at the Kynidaros village

of  the island of Naxos Drawing

sketch  1985 

Irene  Kokkinou

Dance couple (Choreftiko zevgari)  Χορευτικό ζευγάρι
Print engraving 1950  35 x 24.6 cm

Pelaghia Kyriazi

Lagonikou P.

Lagonikou P.

George Lambrou

Michael Lekakis

Michael Lekakis


Yannis Logothethis

Caricature Καρικατούρα 1970 

Costas Lovoulos

Face-to-face dance of Thassos Αντικρυστός χορός Θάσου
Painting 2002

Lytras Nikiphoros

Greek girl dancing in a village street
Painting, oil on canvas

Agamemnon Makris

Spring dance Ανοιξιάτικος χορός        1977
Sculpture, forged copper 240 cm height

Dionissios Manonas

Zeibekiko dance by sailors
Painting 1990     

George Mavroodis


 Painting”Gypsy”” 1959

Sophia Mazaraki-Kalogeropoulou

Rodopis-Cinderella Painting 1995


The Mocking of Christ (Derision du Christ)
Painting,mural 1317

Costas  Mitropoulos

Caricature Καρικατούρα
Drawing 1970  

Maria Moraitou

Traditional dance from Corfu
Painting 2002

Moralis Yannis


Paul Mylonas

Rallou Manou  Η Ραλού Μάνου

Drawing 1950 

Nico Nicolaou

Study for the ballet  “The long march”                     

Drawing 1956  

Nikos Nikolaidis

Two men dance in a taverna
1970 Print, woodcut     


A can-can dancer
Drawing, pastel and gouache on paper board
1935 98.5 x 70 cm


Two greek dancers
Painting,watercolour 1998.

Pavlidis P.

Ordering a dance  Παραγγελία χορού
1975   Drawing  

Pita, Evdokoula:
“Dancers on a “stylomantila” Χορευτές πάνω σε στυλομαντίλα    Embroidery    1904

Céleste  Polychroniadis

Dancers of Cnossos
Crete  1935 Drawing

Bella Raftopoulou

Louis de Savignac

Figures dancing in a landscape 1750 
Painting, bodycolor on board, wood   6.2 x 5.8 cm

Symeon Savvidis

Valias Semertzidis

Giorgos Sikeliotis

Elli  Solomonidi-Balanou

Thanassis Spyropoulos

Irene Tachataki


Cretan dancing on a table        Κρητικός χορεύει πάνω στο τραπέζι
Painting            1950            approximately  

Tassos A.

Theophilis G.

The trousseau (Ta prikia)          Τα προικιά     
Painting, oil on canvas   1960    approximately 

Tsakiris Kyriakos 

Zeibekiko dance in prison (Zeibekiko tis fylakis)            Ζεϊμπέκικο στη φυλακή        
Drawing            1964    approximately  

Yannis Tsarouchis

Dimitra Tserkezou

The dance of peace  1980       

Sculpture, bronze   21 x 160 cm

K. Tsipis

Hashish smokers entertaining themselves       . 1935


Dancers, after an ancient Greek vase 1925 Drawing

Takis Tzaneteas

The Zeibekiko dance of the Spring (To Zeibekiko tis anixis)    Το Ζεϊϊμπέκικο της Ανοιξης      

George Vakalo

Spyros Vassiliou

Theodore Vryzakis

Dance (Choros). 1860            


Pericles Vyzantios


N. The Tsamiko dance Ο Τσάμικος  1950

Painting           46 x 30 cm   

Markos  Zarikos


Satyr and nymphs (Satyros kai nymfai)  Σάτυρος και Νύμφαι  

Print, copper engraving and lithograph            1950   

approximately   24.4 x 19.9 cm




Dancer (Choreftria)     Χορεύτρια  1950    

Print      approximately   12.4 x 8 cm


Sotiris Zissis



Macedonia – Wedding at Roumlouki      1975             

Painting, oil on canvas                44 x 60 cm